Thursday, June 9, 2011

preparing to go to work, we just can't help but think of getting away

"The fascinating quality of all sorts of wilderness and backcountry travel lies in the reduction of life to its essentials: food, shelter, beauty; the confrontation with forces and circumstances which are at once comprehensible, mysterious, and so powerful that they will not be denied."

"The reason we need wilderness is because we are really wild animals. Every man needs a place he can go, to go crazy in peace.... Only then can we return to man’s other life, to the other way, to the order and sanity and beauty of what will somewhere be, unless all visions are false, the human community."
—EDWARD ABBEY, American environmental advocate, 1927–89

Our longing for the trail gets more powerful every day. We are excited to be moving by next month and to say goodbye to our apartment on State St. that we've been in for two years. Although the memories of living in this neighborhood for about four years (longer for Colton) will always remain precious to us, we are highly looking forward to escaping it all and most importantly having a backyard (chaser especially can't wait)! And it's all for the greater escape-- and the return to wilderness. This is the best idea we've ever had.