Monday, September 12, 2011


We are making it!

And it's a good thing too because we have less than 7 months until we are climbing up to Springer Mountain to start the adventure we have been so steadily waiting and planning. I'm really proud of Lindsay and myself. We've been pinching pennies and not going out really at all so that we can make this dream a reality. We have been working on getting in the mindset and physical condition. I just finished The Appalachian Trail - A Trail of Discovery by Jan D. Curran. I like his style for the most part. He writes about his adventure traveling alone which isn't gonna be quite the same but anything that makes me feel closer to being there calls out to me. I enjoyed and you would to. It'll be back at the library tomorrow.

I'm gonna give a little shout out to Onward and Upward who's blog we really connected with.
So, in their fashion here's a list of things I will and won't miss about being here in real life:

Will miss:
Internet (we'll have a little as my iPhone bill will be paid for while we are on the trail)
White noise; in particularity air conditioning white noise. It'll be a tough habit to break.
Family and friends; mom and dad, grandma, Hunter, Brandon, Katie, Sarah, Dustin, Lindsay's folks.
St. Francisville; I know I'll still be in the woods but it certainly won't be the same not being in st fran.
Daily Show and Colbert Report; speaks for itself
Skateboarding; Six months not skateboarding will be the longest I've gone without skating in about 12 years. That's tough.
Cooking food in a kitchen; like fish and deer. Can't do it on the trail.
Toilets; ohhhhh pooping in the woods...

Won't miss:
Internet; I know I know. It's a blessing AND a curse.
Gas prices; Ugh
Selling boots; however I don't mind talking boots
Politics; and the nonstop talk about it, Jesus.
The Strokes' new album; what happened?
TV; with said exception

Well rounded? We watched Ride the Divide last night about a biking competition from Canada to Mexico down the Continental Divide. It was pretty awesome. I'm sure we'll be able to relate on a lot of levels. Highly recommend you checking it out.

One last thing, camera gear update:
This is one of the two main setups minus the light and brace to firm it up. That's next. This is Cam Caddie. Originally used as a skater marketed tool, it's light, and it serves stabilization purposes too. Here's another one of it:

And the next set up is with the UltraPod II. It's awesomely light too and serves so many purposes:

Now, that's cool for something stable, but the main reason I got it:
Offers SO many possibilities. From trekking poles to small trees to stumps and fences. Awesome.
And one more thing:
I knew I was gonna need something like this for back up if for nothing else. That charger charges through a standard AC outlet, car charger, but most importantly, USB. Which is how we are gonna have to charge a lot of things. The solar panel on the right charges from the sun(or wall outlet) and holds the charge till you are ready to use it via USB. It also charges my phone. AND it has a little snake LED light you can see on it's boarders. This isn't gonna be our main form of power but it'll work in a pinch. Wanna get about 3 more of those Solar ReStores. $26.99 at Best money I've spent in a while.

That's all for today! If you haven't yet, please stop by our funding site because all this adding up and any little bit will help.
$20 gets more than you think!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

seven months til'!

Hello beautiful people, we have set up a donation account for anyone interested in helping us on our journey. Anything (not just monetary) will be immensely appreciated...such as food for the trail, encouraging words,etc. Plus, you can find out what you will get in return if you donate $20 or more. Please click the link below if you'd like to know!
We know times are hard for everyone and we have been saving money left and right, but it hasn't been so easy making our goals even though we are trying our hardest! It would be heartbreaking to leave the trail because of financial issues.

click here to help us :)

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