Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New place, new blog

Indeed, once again, it has been a little while since we've blogged. Not that we haven't had much to blog about. In between moving to Baker with my dad to begin the savings to a family reunion in Orlando and camping at Grayton Beach State Park. All of it has been great so far!

Dad's place has been great. Been cooking roasts constantly and getting Chaser used to the yard. That wasn't hard. Not paying rent rules as does being that much closer to St. Francisville and Tunica Hills.

I got my camera in! Don't even get me started on how HUGE of a pain that was! can suck a big one! I've had to call them, let's see.... about 15 times since I ordered it two Wednesdays ago. At some point I paid for overnight shipping so that it would definitely would be to me by the time I left for the reunion. 60 dollars. They ended up shipping it ground. So it arrived a day late to Baton Rouge while I was in Florida. Ugh. They did compensate me a $150 wide angle lens. But that hardly compares. Then when I got back from Florida and grabbed my packages they sent me only the camera and the lens when I also ordered an extra battery, battery rapid charger, and carrying case. After all the times I talked to them and complained they still got it wrong. ANYWAY,  I got the camera aaaannndd it rules. Still haven't got to play with it much but it's light and takes amazing video and should do perfect to the AT documentary.

Also, the ATC land acquisition video I edited got amazing response. Soon, they will be on the official ATC website. Plus, Javier, the fellow I was in contact with for the video, sent me an awesome unexpected package. We were at the beach Monday morning when my buddy, Brian, called and said he was at the apartment we moved out of and there was a package there for me from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. So, this morning I ran over there to check it out. Here it is:

Isn't that awesome and nice? Thanks, ATC. I wish I could do more for you!

Saving money is coming along okay. Next step is sleeping bags, quick dry clothing, and tent. Also, we need to set up a donation page. And before long we need to start contacting the different parks and places we'll be hiking/filming. But it's nice having the ATC's support on this.

We will be updating more often now that we are nice and settled in our new place. Thanks for everyone's support!