Monday, May 30, 2011

10 months till!

These months are flying by! Lindsay graduated, Chesley, my older brother came in from NYC to do some stand up comedy, and I went camping/fishing on an island in the Mississippi river::::

And catching fish too! Mississippi flooding rules for trout lines and limb lines. It's Memorial Day and we are gonna throw down on a fish fry. Things I will miss on the trail...

I'm about to be a manager at skate camp for two weeks. Hot sun, 30 little kids, two weeks, 7am -  yikes. But every cent is going to the trail because June is the last month we have to pay rent cause we are moving into my dad's house come July to save. So June is gonna super hectic but financially rewarding.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy put up a post on Facebook a couple weeks about a video they needed edited for a Land Acquisition conference coming up in July and I offered to volunteer my services and, after sending them a couple other of my short videos(99 Lives, Yeahhh, and Weedlord: Lord of the Weeds), they asked me to help them out. Awesome!!! Volunteer or not, I can't wait to make something for the ATC! I've had a couple "conference calls" as they called it and they have been sending me stuff little by little. This weekend I will be editing ferociously to have a solid video to help with the AT to acquire land! Really excited!

Other than that, Chaser's backpack will be here in the next couple days and I ordered these two books today:

I can't wait to get more in depth with the trail. Should be super informative.

That's all I got right now!
Later everybody!

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