Friday, March 30, 2012

The Time has Come

It's finally here. We have all of our ducks in a row and are ready to roll. Tomorrow my mother transports Lindsay, Chaser, Austin, and me towards our beginning. Typing that really excites me! Here it finally comes. We are ready.

The last few days have been nuts. Our going away parties were great but all too quickly gave way to the immense amounts of food preparations we had yet to do. We didn't dehydrate ALL those meats, fruits, veggies, and bread for nothing! It was time to place our collection of foods together, partition, and vacuum seal. And that we did. The original goal was to have about 165 for each of us. That's 330 total. We ended up with 125 each and I'm okay with that. I had originally thought, when we began the process days ago, that we had acquired too much food for 6 months. I was wrong. There were a few runs to Walmart for extra crackers, cereals, candies, vitamins, and vacuum seal bags. It was a long, tedious process that I'm very glad to be done with. However, when the vacuum sealing was done, the drop box preparations began. Yet another awkwardly organized, lengthy process, especially since we didn't make our mark. Which ones get shorted and which ones do not? We figured it out.


I was afraid my amounts were off so I made one.
It was exactly the right amount. Perfect. And delicious!
This was made by putting, dehydrated ground meat, onions, bellpeppers, and corn in with half an Alfredo Pasta Side with some extra powdered milk. I hope they all turn out this way.

Thursday, we put them in their place.
There they are. All, like, 40 of them. Preaddressed and ready to go. My mom will now be the one to send us these packages. It works out a little better that way. Thank you, MOM!

Alright, this is our last day in Louisiana for a bit so I gotta make the rest of this quick. This is my best attempt at an ETA for everybody. Needless to say, keep up with the blog as it will be more up-to-date as we go along.

Blairsville, GA
April 8-9

Hiawassee, GA
April 12-13

Franklin, NC
April 16-18

Nantahala Outdoor Center
April 20-21

Fontana Dam, NC
April 23-24

Gatlinburg, TN
April 27-28

Hot Springs, NC
May 2-3

Erwin, TN
May 7-8

Hampton, TN
May 12-14

Damascus, VA
May 17-19

Troutdale, VA
May 22-24

Bland, VA
May 31-June 2

Pearisburg, VA
June 4-5

Catawba, VA
June 11-12

Glasgow, VA
June 17-19

Waynesboro, VA
June 25-27

Linden, VA
July 2-4

Harpers Ferry, WV
July 7-8

Fayetteville, PA
July 12-14

Duncannon, PA
July 18-20

Port Clinton, PA
July 24-26

Palmerton, PA
July 29-30

Delaware Water Gap, PA
August 2-3

Unionville, NY
August 7-8

Fort Montgomery, NY
August 12-14

Kent, CT
August 18-20

Salisbury, CT
August 21-23

 Dalton, MA
August 27-79

Bennington, VT
August 30-31

Killington, VT
September 7-9

Hanover, NH
September 11-13

Glencliff, NH
September, 15-16

Gorham, NH
September 22-23

Andover, ME
September 26-27

Stratton, ME
October 2-4

Caratunk, ME
October 6-8

Monson, ME
October 10-12

I realize these calculations result in cutting it close to the closing date of October 15 of Mount Katahdin, but it's so hard to say right now what our pace is gonna be and when. Nevertheless, there it is.

If you'd like to send us something, fill it out like this:

ATTN: Hold for AT Thru-hikers
Coltin Calloway and Lindsay Fasic
General Delivery
Whatever town, Whatever state ZIP

That's to most towns. The only ones that are different are the ones that don't go to post offices. Though I wish there were more drops not P.O. dependent due to their hours of operation, there are places like 

Nantahala Outdoor Center
13077 Hwy 19 W
Bryson City, NC 28713

that will hold it for us. Also,

Brown's Grocery Store
613 Hwy 321
Hampton, TN


P.O. Box 807 Washington St.
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

(That's the Appalachian Trail Conservancy headquarters)

And, I think, one more

Fotter's Market
152 Main St.
Stratton, ME 04982

Oh, and

Shaw's Lodging
P.O. Box 72
17 Pleasant St.
Monson, ME 04464

Everything else should be General Delivery to post offices. Again, make sure you put "Hold for AT Thru-hikers" and our names.

Next time we blog to you, it'll be from the iPhone on Trail. Thanks again to everyone who has helped us make this happen. All of you are awesome. Thanks for all the support and we'll see you 6 months.
Special thanks to my dad who allowed us to live at his house as if it were our own and slipped us many financial backings that have helped so much. AND the awesome crawfish last night. Lindsay, Chaser, and I will miss him very much. Sorry bout all the messes the Trail-related gear, food, and everything else that has cluttered the house. You are awesome.

9 and half pounds on his back and his tail is wagging!

Happy Trailin'!!!!!!

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