Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Official!!!

The premiere date for The Climb to Katahdin has been set! Thursday, July 25th at 7:00 pm at The Manship Theatre. Tickets are currently available at Shaw Center where the Manship Theatre is located and at their website,

I couldn't be more excited! It's been such a long, slow process. Put in this scene, take it out, put it back in and fix the audio. Now Color Correct. Burn to BluRay see how it looks. What are those flickers? Start the process over. But no lie, it looks and feels like a legit movie. It's basically what I envisioned doing from the very beginning. A dream has been reached. I've had plenty of friends and family view versions of the film and each one, no matter what stage, has come back with huge thumbs up. And they are honest thumbs. Not that "it's great for your first full length" stuff. The film takes you on a ride... well, a hike. It's got ups and downs. It's got laughs, cries, gasps, and even some gross moments. It holds as a legit Appalachian Trail film and the amazing feeling I get when I think about the tour and showing it up and down the Trail bubbles up and I can't control the excitement sometimes. People will respond well. I get to watch the feelings as they are being played out on peoples' faces. Few things more satisfying than getting the laugh right when you planned it.

Lot's of people ask how and when they can see it. Understandable question. I wish I had a good answer for you. This is my first venture like this to any degree. I don't know how slow these wheels turn. I don't know what kind of success I'm going to have at festivals. Don't know if someone will want to co-produce after seeing it and guide me along my way from tour to festivals to DVD/BluRays distributions. So many things still up in the air. All I know is the premiere is July 25th and the tour begins a month or two after that. From there all of my friends and Trail buddies who want to see it can. It requires help getting a crowd and somewhere to show it. I'll come to you. Ideally, 5 dollars a head so I can get to my next place and still have some money to donate to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Funny story about the ATC. I sent a version, a more unpolished version than the current one, to a fella who works there to screen it for the possibility of going on the road with it to raise awareness and funds for the ATC. They will be visiting roughly 20 theaters across the nation with an AT film that best represents the Trail and is family friendly. TCtK scored the highest and he was thrilled to see it. He said it was on the top of the list, no doubt about it. However, there's a crucial thing the ATC is pushing hard. That's "Leave No Trace".  No, we didn't go leaving a trace or anything, but one of the LNT rules is if you have a dog on the Trail, it must be leashed to you at all times with a leash no longer than 6ft no matter the local rules and regulations of a given section. Unfortunately, there is no way to fake Chaser's absence of a leash which is a real shame. He was on a shock collar the entire time which is basically a long, invisible, comfortable for all leash. No matter. The only downside is that I wish I coulda help the AT. Kids and adults alike with enjoy the film. I could see it representing them perfectly. No such luck. The only thing I ask of the ATC is that it doesn't hinder them from selling the film at the ATC store when it's ready for distribution. Let it be a lesson to all; if you are going to hike the Trail with a dog, put him on a leash. Especially if you plan on filming it. :)

Currently, the film is 95% complete. Still a little work to do. It should be 100% within the next two weeks as I still have a few tracks coming via A Bliss Abyss and a map that will be spliced in throughout. All things I wish I had months ago but they are out of my hands. In the mean time, I'll keep perfecting what I do have. Then, I gotta make flyers, try and contact local news sources, and get the word out more and more.

I hope you can make it to the premiere!!!

Did I mention I followed Caveman and Patch up to NYC to see them off on their huge Gulf to Gulf Odyssey adventure?

Hiker reunion! Even Pep Talk came!

 Miss me some Belch
 Preparing for 5000+ miles
 Fake AT

 Good luck and be careful, guys.
 CM in DC
 We met a fellow AT hiker, coincidentally, on the Mega Bus to NYC. He's hiking this year. Trail name: Trout. Great guy. Got to hang with him a substantial amount in the Big Apple. Got to put out a little Trail Magic. 

 Mega Bus'in
 DFlap!!! Great host.


  1. When you have DVDs ready to distribute, please contact me so we can get a copy for the Appalachian Trail Museum []. I'm one of the people who is collecting for its library.