Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hot Springs. NC

Day 33 and we are having a blast. We are really happy to be in this town. Even Grateful showed up. Very cool. I'd really like to do my regular blog update but there's a problem: I have ZERO service here. None at all. Very frustrating. So, pictures and the usual update is going to have to wait until then.

We REALLY appreciate our mail drops!!! Chesley, Mom, Mr. Jerry and everyone at the BR Art Gallery! Thank y'all soooo much. It will be eaten quicker then you realize.

I'm at a library right now but it's time to go.

PS. The river here is great!

Update the moment I get service. (If I had Verizon I wouldn't be having these problems!)


  1. Can't believe you guys have already been on the trail for a month!

  2. I know trail names are similar from year to year, but is Grateful a tall guy with red hair from Austin? I knew a Grateful in 2010 but he got off trail in TN.

  3. When you get back...come see me. I work for Verizon!