Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Sickness

We arrived in Gatlinburg Saturday where we wrote you last. It was immediately a great relaxing time. That is until about 3 in the morning when Reverie suddenly had to throw up. That's not good. Poor thing was up till 7 with her stomach wrenching. Food poisoning or a bug? Neither good but we needed some clarity.

It was mother's day Sunday and we checked into the Grand Prix near the strip. We attempted to eat with my mom but Reverie simply could not. She had to go lay down. My mom and I walked around a bit before I headed back to check on Rev. We were supposed to hit the Trail again the next day and needed her better. So, we hauled butt to urgent care. Gastrointestinal bug it was. There was even a release by the Tennessee board of health specifically warning thruhikers about the contagious virus on the 12th. She got a shot and a large prescription in case I was to get it too.

That evening we dug through our packs and separated everything we could possibly live without to spare some weight. Of course, for me it was so that I could carry the 2lb guitar I was so kindly given. It seemed to work. We each dropped a bit of weight.

Monday we awoke early to meet with my mom to head back to the Trail however we didn't feel Reverie was quite ready for hiking again. So, despite Caveman and Chaser waiting for us at the gap, we stayed another night. Mind you, we are trying to make it to Damascus for Trail Days this upcoming weekend and if we are to hike, we need to be in a position to hitch there. That would not be possible if we stayed again. So, rearranging of plans again. Oh and we did speak with Caveman. He just wanted Rev to feel better. At the gap he waited.

Tuesday morning came. Time for my mom and the other ladies to head home. We got there and they were mostly packed. Reverie was feeling much better but suddenly I wasn't. Uh oh. In no time I was throwing up. Looks like the bug was transferred. Great.

They loaded up the vehicle, gave me garbage bags and napkins and we headed north. It was an ugly ride. We decided checking into yet another motel would be the best bet. Johnson City it was. All I wanted to do was be in a bed.

We finally got to the hotel and I got to curl up. Mild fever and vomiting still. They dropped me off and went and got Chaser and Caveman. It took longer than planned. Nevertheless, they got back and I seemed to be feeling a little better already. Just really sleepy. We decided to do our best to go from Johnson City to Damascus. Fortunately, Mrs. Janet, the most amazing Trail Angel on the Trail yet, has been working on rides for everyone and said she'd find us something for sure. She is awesome. We aren't stuck. That was a concern.

I woke up this morning feeling MUCH, MUCH better. Thank god. We are sitting at the Red Roof Inn here, who were the COOLEST about dogs yet. We are awaiting our ride to Damascus where we will be taking it easy until Trail Days starting Friday. I'll be 100 percent by then.

We miss the Trail. We will have been off of it for a week and 3 days before we lay down more miles Monday. Weird and unexpected. But we could not be more thankful that we were not on the Trail with this sickness. That would have been really tough.

Ride just called. They'll be here in 15. Later guys!

- Spiral, Reverie, and CamDog

Location:Broyles St,Johnson City,United States

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