Saturday, August 18, 2012

Almost to Vermont

Connecticut treated us pretty well despite the high price of everything. The walk into Massachusetts was beautiful. The gnats were in decline but still a large amount of misquitos. These misquitos look like babies compared to Louisiana misquitos. Still, equally annoying. Now, fall is coming in strong and winter gear is needed again. No misquitos but no warmth. It's made for a pretty hiking day today. Best weather since early Virginia. It makes hiking so much more enjoyable.

On our way out of CT, it offered some awesome views of what were to be climbing soon. MA mountains put us back to the 3500 hundred feet elevation. We haven't had climbs like that since Damascus months ago. We gotta get used to it cause we are about to be doing a lot of that.

We got into MA and went into Great Barrington. We weren't sure where we were gonna stay. Turns out Eva and Short Term met a girl who claimed to have hiked the Trail as a child and offered a place to stay in where she lives/works. Turns out its a house under a little construction. No worries, easier than putting up a tent. She said we could stay too and she didn't mind dogs. But her 2 year old will be there. Okay. Maybe a bed. We had some drinks with fellow hikers Peaceful Warrior, Red Bull, and Firefox. As it get dark we showed up to this big 3 story house that appeared a bit run down. Long story short, we it was a frightening place in the dark and more so in the light. No ceilings or walls. Everything gutted. Exposed insulation. Even a Dexter looking room. We survived the night and took off in the morning. The girl was quirky but kind. She shouldn't be living in this place. Sorry, but this story is really too big for iPhone blogging.

We got a hitch outta town by a sweet lady who even bout some goodies at a Co-op. We were only trying to get right at of town but she thought she'd drive us a few more miles. We figured why not. She offered to bring us to the legendary Upper Goose Pond Cabin. That's a little skip but it sounded awesome.

She dropped us off at the Trail head about three miles from the cabin. We hiked in to the enclosed, attendant-on-duty, hiker-crowded, pond-side building. No dogs allowed so we couldn't sleep inside on the mats. So we had to platform tent 100 yards away. Fine. But it was still pretty. No electricity or showers but there were to be blueberry pancakes in the morning and free camping in the massive "pond". It was more like a lake. It was donation based and we decided that because our little jump ahead, we'd stay and relax a zero there and we are glad we did. The next day, pancakes ruled, swimming ruled, canoeing ruled, and the hikers ruled. We had to say bye to some cool Section hikers we'd been camping with as their 7 day journey was over. Aside from that, we had a great time kicking it. It was a different type of zero. After hanging with attendant, she offered to let us stay in the cabin even with Chaser that night. We declined. Our tent was already set up and the cabin got crowded. Of course, it storms on us that night. It was a bad storm. We were the only ones tenting. We survived with poor sleep and were told the hikers were worried about us out there all night. Wet tent sucks.

We hiked out the following morning with Stone Dance, Butch, Suds, Bunny, Eva, Short Term, and Flintstone. It was a huge chain. It was fun. 10 miles away was the cookie lady's house. A known trail angel that gives cookies to hikers, runs a blueberry patch, and sells boiled eggs and soda. Sweet!

We arrive there and eat and pick and chill. We called a fellow who has a house he let's hikers stay or tent at for free in Dalton which sounds great. He said there's room and offered to let us slackpack the rest of the day putting us at about 21 miles for the day. Sure! Rev and Chase rode with him while I ran those last 10 miles to town. It was fun and different too. Hauling but with no pack or camera. Took less than three hours to run it.

Got to town and set up tent in the backyard then off for food and a beer. After all, it was our first 20 in some time. Finished eating and Gerber and Onkles walk in. They had been there a few days already. "Heyyyy! Haven't seen you in forever!" We all had a great time catching up.

The next day, we were trying to work out some slack packing options. We have Greylock coming and we were hoping for the option. The fellow who normally does it had family in and the other fellow didn't allow dogs at all. But there was a chance that Saturday it could happen. So, we took a day off since we could stay for free while waiting out a slack pack. Turns out, High Life and Red Fury were making it there that day. That was exciting. Old friends.

We basically did the same thing that night; grabbed food and caught the hikers coming through that evening and played pool and darts. That was Thursday. Come Friday it was looking more likely that we could swing a slackpack the next day. The waiting is a drag, but the town was nice. We were set on leaving early the next day, slacking or not. We decided to cook and lay low that night. We were just ready to hike again. Late that evening it was decided, no, it isn't gonna work out. We learned a lesson there. Bummer. Nevertheless, Belch finally caught up in addition to Saturday. We hadn't seen her in a long long time. We started together. She was doing well.

We hiked out this morning and MA is so pretty. This would be really far from Louisiana to come back and section so we are really soaking up its beauty. It definitely feels like New England. The temperature is dropping. We plan to get a bunch of winter stuff back next mail drop. I currently have a long sleeve, long pants, and snuggie on and I'm gonna be cold tonight. Next few day it'll be low 70s to low 50s. Opposite of home. Leaves are just starting to change here. The Whites are coming and we are excited. So much pretty stuff to come. The Southbounders talk like everything we have coming is gonna blow our minds despite the tough climbs. Can't wait.

Caveman expects to catch up in less than a week and we hope he does. We got a good group going right now between Red Fury, High Life, Belch, and newcomer, Gandolf. Good hiking coming up. Greylock mountain in the morning. Gonna be pretty outside and pretty views.

CT overlook

Chaser as a fine young man.

Tom and Jerry learning about Postagram.

Me and Jumangi

Our destination, Mount Everett in MA


Mount Race was awesome!

It was kinda hot. Chaser loves this.

The house.

Short Term, Eva, and Reverie busting out that place.

Chaser protecting our gear while we grab a bite.

Upper Goose Pond

I packed in a beer

Chaser trying to smell fish.

Chaser learning how to swim at age 4 with Stone Dance and Butch.

Turns out, he loves it.

Stone Dance and Butch

Canoeing at sunset.

Blueberry pancakes!

Once again, it's almost midnight and this is hard to type on a phone. So I'm skipping proof reading. Goodnight, all! VT tomorrow!

- Spiral, Reverie, and CamDog

Location:W Mountain Rd,,United States

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  1. Awesome work with details and highlights of ya'lls journey Colton! It's very entertaining, interesting and fun to read. That ten mile run into town sounds like an awesome thing to have done; switch up the trail-trekking a bit. I love all these different trail names as well...Gandolf, awesome. If it is this much fun to read about the adventure y'all are on and to see the pictures, I can only imagine how awesome the footage is going to be!