Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to It

Reverie and I have enjoyed our month-long stay in NYC. Loved it, really. We had some great times and we'll never forget em. However, it is time to keep hiking. Parks, museums, subways, roof-top bbq's, comedy shows, and relaxing. NYC, we will, indeed, miss you. It's actually a little nerve-racking again. It's like getting on the Trail for the first time, but we know what to expect. We leave out of Grand Central and arrive at the Appalachian Trail stop around 11:30am Sunday. Chaser on a train will be interesting. We are making sure everything is charged, cleaned, and packed while still trying to soak up our last day of the city(today). We still have about 700 miles left and we are ready to lay em down. 

Belch, Bumble Bee, and Caveman have been visiting the last couple days and that has been a blast. They have been loving it. Special thanks to Tim for housing them. They will be getting back on about 200 miles south of us. So, it will they catch up in two months? Probably. 200 miles is about 2 weeks. I'm sure we'll hit our slow moments and they'll have their quick ones. We already look forward to seeing them again. And everyone else on the Trail. We miss them all.

A HUGE special thanks to my brother, Chesley, and his girlfriend, Nandita, for allowing us and Chaser to stay with them in the close quarters of their awesome apartment for the last month. It means so much to us and we can't wait to see you again!

Here's to a great month that I can only hope we get to experience again sometime in our lives.

Oh, and the blogs will updated more often so keep watching.


Brooklyn Bridge

Sky messages are incredible

Apparently this is a real thing

High Line rules

Lost my nail

Lindsay's sister, Lauren, came in and we had a blast as seen here


9/11 memorial

Freedom Tower

Lunastix in Prospect Park

Caveman subwaying

Bumble Bee and Belch


Caveman fitting into Museum of Natural History

YouTube Video

Belch at Kabin

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  1. This is so incredible!
    you two are doing an amazing thing
    I hope to do the same oneday.
    yall be safe and take care.
    much love,