Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Month and One Day

Yep. One month and one day since we climbed to the top of Mount Katahdin and concluded our massive journey in freezing degree weather at 5200+ft elevation. It's been a long month and a day. We were both able to go without a job for about 3 weeks after our return before we finally bit the bullet. Money had to happen. I am currently back at The Boot Store and Lindsay got a job at a local outfitters, The Backpacker, in addition to Whole Foods. You never miss the Trail more than when you have to wake up and go to work. I think that's when I dream the heaviest about the Trail. Right before that alarm goes off I just got done looking over a deep valley of reds, oranges, and yellows from a treeless mountain top somewhere in early October in Maine. Then reality sets in and I get up and try to be responsible. Ugh.

The only escape is when I shut myself off from the world with my headphones on in front of my computer and slowly sift through the amounts of footage I'm so glad I collected. It's like being there again. Through the footage, I not only get to enjoy the company of so many friends, but also relive and discover some of the best moments we had. I've only made my way through April and the beginning of May. There is still so much more. Very exciting yet slow and hard drive-consuming process. I often find myself busting out in laughter over something Patch or Belch said while all alone in the house. I couldn't be happier that we will forever have this footage to look back upon. I wish it could all be in the final version of the film. I assure you, fellow hikers, what does not make it in the final version of this film will still be passed along to you probably via YouTube. There is so much gold that deserves to be seen but maybe not in the 90-100 minutes allotted.

I am working hard on getting this thing going. I really can't wait to show everyone everything but it's gonna take time. Which is hard because I'm not patient. But I have placed all my eggs in this basket and am confident I can take the necessary amount of time and patients to turn this into something bigger than I thought it was going to be. The problem is lack of current funds. It's frustrating. Spending just 10 minutes on Amazon I find a million different items that would make this converting and editing process about 3000 times easier and quicker. But at the moment, I'll work with what I have and move on at the speed that I can afford.

As for the blog, this is going to be the best place to get updates on the progress of the video. My life now, isn't quite as interesting as it was and I accept that. Aside from the newspaper article and radio interview that is to come not a whole lot else is happening. Just me in from of the computer trying my best to achieve progress when I'm not selling boots. I pray that the end result of this film will fling me forward into my life as an editor/filmmaker.

Something else I wanted to mention was how awesome it was to get home and find out how many people cared and followed us along the way. Whoa. So many people I didn't expect were avid readers and supporters. To them, I thank you. That doesn't count the recognition from the article ran in The Advocate. Even my dad's barber asked him about it. Crazy. We are already doing exactly what I was hoping we'd do. Inspire. In fact, a friend of Caveman's is going to hike the Trail next year because of Caveman's adventure. That makes me so happy. One of Lindsay's coworkers started bringing his kids hiking at Tunica Hills every few weekends thanks to this blog. Stuff like that is why it's here. And if you like the blog, you'll love the movie.

I miss all of our hiking friends. It's funny how my FB blew up with Katahdin summit photos. Rightfully so. Sometimes it's tough to recognize who it is, but it's always exciting to find out. Good times, people.

That's a link to the article in the paper. In the actual paper it took up a ton of space on two pages. Sweeeet! Thanks to ole Flapparoo for providing some of those pictures. I hope he's okay too after a big move to NYC immediately after the Trail.

I'll post the radio interview when it happens.

Thanks to everyone. Home is home and it's alright. But seriously carrying the Trail in our hearts is the only thing that eases the pain of not actually being on the Trail. Can't take that away.

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