Sunday, January 27, 2013

Updates and Sneak Peeks

The film is coming along nicely. It's a sow process but the ball is certainly rolling. I really wanted to give everyone a quick idea of what I'm working with so I created a teaser for the film to come. Be sure to set the quality to HD:

A Bliss Abyss is working hard at making beautiful music for the film. He's going to be adding a lot to this film and I am greatly thankful for that.

We've had some awesome coverage since we've been back at home and I wanted to share that with you too.

Radio Interview on Local Community Radio

Advocate Interview

Dig Interview (My personal favorite)

This is what we've been up to. Keep an eye on this page in the coming months. The film will be here before you know it.

We are now on YouTube at The Climb to Katahdin. (Obviously by the Teaser link) It will act as a major hub for footage not used in the film. I mean, I have all this footage and it can't possibly all fit into the film, yet you still deserve to see it... and so do the people in it. It will be free of charge. I look forward to that a lot. But movie first.

We are also on Facebook now to at The Climb to Katahdin. There will be a lot more updates there than here. Not everything deserves and entire blog entry.

PS. I still have my beard. I'm not sure if I'm the last of the fellow thruhikers or not. But it's pretty gnarly. I'm constantly getting Duck Dynasty comments.

 The editing station
 Chaser in front of our camp in Mississippi

The Beard. I'm measuring a disc golf basket.

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