Sunday, April 10, 2011

Keltys to Katahdin

We bought our packs and we are excited! We are putting a lot of faith in Kelty. And I have a good feeling about that.

The Kelty Red Cloud 5600.
5600 cubic inches, 90 liters, a little less than 6 lbs. It wasn't the color I wanted. I preferred green one which cost the same but it was 600 less cubic inches. $98.95 from That's a great great place for good deals on backpacks.

The Kelty Red Cloud 80 for women.
80 liters and 5000 cubic inches. Lindsay loves the color. We found it for $134.95 from... I forget the name of the site. But they should be in real soon.

We haven't gotten Chaser's yet, but that's next. His, too, will be blue.

We will let you know when they're in and what we think!

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