Sunday, April 3, 2011

you gotta watch for dem weirdos in the woods

in a year from now, it's finally going to be time for me to join colton (hunting boy) with being in the woods all the time. but this time, really all the time. and for the same reasons. and together. + with chaser. my two loves. i am so thrilled and excited about knowing that i am going to be living in the woods for six months... it's going to be very difficult and very challenging but because i will be with colton and chaser, i really believe with all of my heart, we can tackle any adventure. + experiencing all of the highs and beautiful ohhh ahhhh i can't believe this is real sights on the trail would not mean the same to me if they weren't around to share this experience.i want it to be here already! (i also wanna to visit nyc, shanghai, and fcf sometime before this trip) if i don't make it before because of lack of funds, i'll for sure be there after. with colton, arm in arm. unless we make the movie "chaser: lost in shanghai" he prolly won't be coming. though it would be amazing if he could.

as much as i wanna be trail talkin all day and night, i need to graduate. and focus on my art. + be on the lookout: trail art &&&muchmuchmore


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