Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Okay, new one

So, we got our packs in but we haven't had a chance to put em on, take a picture of our absolute excitement, upload, and put it on here. Nevertheless, they are AWESOME and look like they will do the job flawlessly. Thrilled!

I've been trying to figure out how to go without a guitar for 6 months(much less a skateboard) and I realized I can at least substitute one with minimal extra weight. No, not the board. The guitar. Well, not a guitar but a ukulele. That's right, a ukulele. Hell yeah. I've been doing extensive research(as always) and I think this is the one for price/quality:
 It's so fun to play and weight will be about a pound which I know means a lot when you already have 35 more on your back. Not to mention the overall mass. However, I fully believe it'll be worth any extra hassle. I pick up string instruments quite quickly but would still like to get this baby sooner rather than later so that I'm not a newbee by the time we hit the trail. I found it for $44.99 which includes shipping and tax which makes me feel okay about it's abuse it will inevitably receive. Needless to say, I'll be respective to other hikers. But I think it'll be perfect in more situations than I can foresee. Oh and Linds is bringing her tambourine!

Lindsay is on spring break so I took off and she, Chaser, and I are headed to St. Francisville tomorrow to do some fishing and maybe some hiking. Can't wait to fry some up! Every minute in the outdoors with my two best friends are great ones.

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  1. We met a ridge runner in the Smokys who carried one. He was out in GSMNP for 5 days at a time and hiked everyday and said it was the best thing he could have got himself. Rock on!