Monday, April 4, 2011

Reading and Watching

The one that got us started:

Yeah, it's on Netflix Instant Play

Couple more:


Also on Instant Play. Not as informative, rather more of a taste of what life is like on the trail.

Hard to say which is our favorite. All them make us feel closer to the trail.

Also, a couple books. I wanted to start with a couple of informative books and then first hand accounts. I started with:

Solid book overall. Gave me a good idea what we have to look forward to. I'm about to start reading his book about his first thru hike.

I'm almost done with this one:
This book explains it all. It's a little outdated, like mid 90's outdated. But it gives a lot of percentages, charts, and diagrams that you never knew you wanted to know. Yes, Roland Mueser looks like a total dork, but he created an awesomely informative book. Got this one at the library.

Lindsay started with Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods.

She loved it and made it quite clear it must be the next I read. I'm sorta reading it. More like it's being read to me. Got the audio book. PERFECT for cutting grass and the weekly rides to and from St. Francisville. Bill Bryson is awesome. Something about the way he writes is so capturing. I'm enjoying probably more than Lindsay said I would. So good.

And that's how we spend our free time. Any slow moment is directed towards the trail and suddenly it isn't so slow. We are there in our mind already.
Quick note: Onward and Upward(One More Mile), two hikers who started the trail at the beginning of February stalled out due to lack of funds and headed home(New Orleans).  It was such a shame to read this today because I was dedicated to their blog. I was really pushing for them and wanted to see them to the end. All their posts were endearing and spoke to me. All their preparation and support wasn't quite enough to make it. However, it goes to show how much more prepared Linds, Chase, and I must be, especially financially and we are working hard on that.

That's all we got right now. I hope you are getting inspired!


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