Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blood Mountain

                  Wild energy

We are at Walasi-Yi Center hostel that is located at the bottom of Blood Mountain currently. Blood Mountain was awesome. Gorgeous 360 degree views. Tallest in Georgia. Rough climb down.
(having problems posting pics through an app. Very frustrating!)

It was just starting to rain when we rolled into Walasi-Yi so we grabbed a bunk in the hostel were Chaser had to get the okay from others staying. It woulda been nice to stay in the cabin but unfortunately it wasn't "dog friendly". No worries though. Snoring might be an issue but we obtained some ear plugs. I asked the girl at the outfitter, "how far is Blairsville?" as that is where our mail drop was sent. "16 miles, why did you send it there?". "", I replied. "DO NOT trust everything on" she said. Durrr. I really need to look over and make sure I don't have anymore severe mistakes as such. Fortunately, after asking the post office to pretty please pass it along to the manager of the outfitters who was coincidentally in town, it was retrieved. Trail magic. Then a church group came and fed us all lasagna. More sweet sweet Trail Magic. And sweet people.

Chaser is slowly becoming questionable. Today was rough on him. Half a mind to somehow send him back before the Smokies. We'll see how he is doing tomorrow. I don't want to wreck him. Beginning of the day he's fine. End of the day he's miserable. So, we'll see. 

Tomorrow it's apparently 100 percent chance of rain. Woohoo. Kinda would like to make up for only going 6 miles today. So, maybe an 11 miler? That'd be nice. But in the rain? That's the A.T., folks. 

Picking some last minute things in the morning from the outfitters and we're out hopefully no later than 9:30. Lots of great people in the hostel with us tonight. Making some friends.

Finally, wi-fi! Night everybody! Early rise for wet clothes. 

Colton and Lindsay

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