Monday, April 2, 2012


Man, the A.T. is beautiful. Yesterday we decided to start from Amicicola Falls instead of Spinger Mountain. It was gorgeous waterfalls but a really tough hike with minimal amounts of water. Thought we'd never reach the beginning. But we did shortly before dark. Caveman was there waiting for us. It was awesome. Beautiful sunset. However no time or energy to cook supper. Plus, there were some amazing Southbounders just finishing. It was surreal. Our first day, their last. Very insperational. Very encouraging. Very fit. Splash and Cook. Planned in 6 months south but took nearly 9 months. Whoa.

Late start this morning but easier hiking. Another pretty day. Oh, and Long Creek Falls. An amazing waterfall. Chaser is doing well. People love him. "Is that a camera on his pack? That's amazing!" So, he's CamDog. Lindsay is Reverie. I'm Spiral. For now at least. We were able to cook one of our meals tonight. They were sooo good. Very satisfying.

Either way, we are alive and having a good time. Praying this great weather continues. Hit y'all back when we have some signal again!


  1. Look forward to your next blog. Stay safe.

  2. Woooo! I still can't believe it's on! Glad you guys had a good start...sign of things to come :)