Friday, April 20, 2012

Fontana Damn

Yeah, I know. It's D-A-M. But, hey, it was tough getting here. Quite tough. Out of N.O.C. Was quite tough. It was raining, early and uphill when we decided to head out. It wasn't an easy decision. But it was gonna happen eventually and the N.O.C. was lame. We left at 7:30am. 6.9 miles uphill. Felt like 20.

We walked through a moist cloud. Rain and even some hail. Overlooks were nothing but a thick white haze. We saw a turtle and some crazy looking fire orange lizards. Finally, some sort wildlife.

We made it to the top and to the shelter with a couple of friends by about 1pm. There we stayed. Kinda weird posting up 7 hours before dark but we were whooped. We stayed in the shelter that night. We, unfortunately, had Snorey McSnorey Pants right next to us. It was painful. If you weren't thinking he was dying you were hoping he was. He dug right past my ear plugs. Amazing. Very damp night. No drying any clothes or packs.

The next morning was amazing. Something I've never seen before. We were above the clouds looking at other mountain tops. It was so great.

Yesterday we pumped out our first 15 mile day. We knew any further we went would be that much closer to Fontana the next day. It wasn't an easy 15. Right in the middle was Jacob's Ladder where you had to practically crawl uphill. We were proud to finish. We set ourselves up for a 5 miler into Fontana this morning.

5 miles, yes. Easy miles, no. Got going early, like I like it. Made it to Fontana by 12. Belch's parents were waiting at the gap. There, they had the dog that was to be Chaser's roommate for a week, a 7lb Shitzu(sp.?). China was her name and she didn't appreciate Chaser, but by this point he's too tired to care. Mr. Rusty kindly gave us a ride into town where the confused Post Office had apparently not received our mail drops. Crap.

Fortunately, we got pizza, beer, and a ride in the back of a small truck(7 hikers and their pack, Chevy 1500 step side) to the trail head and made our way to the Fontana Hilton, a 24 person shelter. Chaser sadly left for the week. We miss him already. He's probably quite confused but comfortable. We are currently in the tent outside the Hilton but we all successfully partied it up. We deserved it.

We should have our packages tomorrow around 11:30am and be on our way into the Smokies. We must go ten miles because we can't camp anywhere out there. Shelters only. Tennessee in two days then we stay on the NC/TN border till Hot Springs where you can send us stuff.

We miss you guys but rest assure we are doing well. Don't know about signal through the Smokies. We'll see.

Bumble Bee playing a Washburn Travel Guitar I want.

Shelter sleeping. Caveman man peeking.

Hammer, Bumble Bee, me, Reverie, and Caveman.

Mr. Rusty hanging on to Chase. Thank you!

He's ready for a week off.

No AT&T signal!

Dragon's Tooth nearby. Sooo many nice cars.

Great walk down. Terrible walk up. Absolutely. Awful.

- Spiral, Reverie, and CamDog

Location:Unnamed Rd,Bryson City,United States

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  1. Those are red efts, the 'lizards'. They are newts.