Sunday, April 8, 2012

We are at Sasafras Gap and it's very windy

We left Neels Gap hostel Friday morning after grabbing some awesome blueberry pancakes made by a fellow named Pirate. He was the caretaker there. Picked up a few last items, said our thanks, and rolled out into the dense wet fog for a big uphill climb. 

It was strange hiking such distance without any views. We could only see about 30 yards in front of us most of the day. So spots that the trail sent us that would have otherwise been awesome, were quickly passed. It was strange to be so in tune with the trail though. Sometimes we trip because we look at the views while hiking. This time, only our feet. Chaser sorta looked like a bear through the fog. Kinda worrisome. Oh, but the spider webs looked absolutely crazy. Tons of strange wind-whipped trees here. So different from Louisiana. 

Nevertheless, we hiked 11 miles to Deep Gap Shelter just as the sun was finally starting to show and there was Caveman. His knee was giving him problems so he took the rest of the day off there. It was a cool site tucked into two meeting mountains with a creek. Finally, some form of white noise. Had a fire and told some stories. Good times. The only downside was damp ground from a day in a cloud. 

We decided to try and get to Indian Grave Gap in hope for Trail Magic someone mentioned to us a few days ago. He said "free beer, wine, and food. They  leave Sunday. Mile 53." wasn't sure if it was too good be true or if they had a schedule, but we were determined to hike 13 miles to find out. So we did. First 5 were easy, last 8  pretty tough. We were fueled on talk of beer. We miss beer.

We closed in completely exhausted and around 6pm not knowing what to expect. But low and behold there it was. Moo and Jack cooking. They had been there for 5 days already hooking anyone and everyone who passed on that trail with food and a good time. The only downside, no beer. Three kegs, gallons of wine, handles, all gone. But they still had plenty of food and plenty of good times. It was amazing. So so awesome they did that. We caught the last night. I was thinking about ham all day and that I wasn't gonna be at my family's to get any this year for Easter and guess what she made in a cast iron pot last night over fire. Big ole spiral ham, garlic that had been cooking in a pot for days, baked potatoes, salad, tea, fruits veggies, and grilled cheese. Whaaaat!? They were so excited to serve us. 7 hikers we had there that night. We all were way full and way happy. Slept at that gap and she fed us this morning. Eggs and peppers and ham and sausage and chocolate coffee and doughnuts, sweet Jesus why can't they all start that way!? They are truly amazing people and we will never ever forget them or their true, genuine generosity. We will certainly play that forward. They didn't ask for anything except to take everything. Reverie(lindsay) painted her an awesome fire painting. Moo loved it. Best night yet hands down. 

Today was hiking day 8. Making good ground. 8 miles today. 6 or 7 tomorrow to Hawaisee, GA. Mail drop time. Woohoo! We tell hikers about our planning and their jaws drop. They can't believe it. We did do a lot...

Film is coming along well. We miss everyone!

Pictures simply will not post on here from my phone
. Ugh!

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