Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, N.O.C.

Currently, we are in a bunk that we probably aren't supposed to be in. Sketch made several unused hostel bunks available... for free. Shhh! After many floor arrangements, we are on a mattress. Sketch rules. Providing beer and good times. He broke 206 bones when he was involved with the rodeo. Or something.

Good thing. Today was tough 12.something miler today. Rain and slippery roots and rocks. I turned around once and Reverie was face down in the Trail. Terrifying. She was okay and pushed on. But a long downhill as such is tough. I about toppled over many times and would have if it weren't for trekking poles.

When we finally made it to the NOC, we were met by Free, Caveman, and Brook who handed us cold beers and insisted we go grab a burger at the restaurant while they hang on to Chaser. Sweet. It was Free's 22 birthday. We love this guy. We often intentionally go further or hold back miles to stay in his "bubble". It was pouring rain when we got done eating and I managed to get a ride a mile down the road for some beer I was told would be there. An older set of couples drove me. Very kind. No beer. Dry county. They told me to go 14 miles down the road but I wasn't gonna ask them to do that. Kinda sucked showing back up empty handed.

Anyway, Sketch, a 39 year-old ex army and rodeo dude whose nose had been broken days before after falling on a curb drunk in Franklin, went to work finding us a place. That he did. I won't go into details but we are very grateful. Reverie and I are in a bunk. Chaser is in a bunk with Peaches. It's still raining and should be throughout tomorrow. We'll see how the weather turns out.

We need to be to Fontana Dam by Friday so an amazing Trail Angel, Nancy, can pick Chaser up as she is taking him through the Smokeys for us. She rules.

Things are going well. Always frustrating battling the rain. Especially when it means I must deconstruct the camera and get into rain gear with the quickness. Nevertheless, huge 6 mile climb tomorrow. We ready. I think...


Filming good times.

Lucky dog.

Walah Bald Watchtower.

Big 22


Oh beer, we miss you.

Caveman, Sketch, and Brook.

Caveman and beer and knee falling

Birthday hoppin'.

Sleeping with Peaches.
- Spiral, Reverie, and CamDog

Location:Nantahala,United States

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  1. Yeah, that climb out of NOC...not so fun but the few from the bald is very nice!