Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Steady Moving

Mile 26!
Well, sorta mile 35 but the first nine were not on the actual trail. It's been some tough hiking. Up and down, up and down. The views are amazing but The A.T. makes you pay before and after each one. Sometimes they sneak up on you. You look out over this awesomely mountainous terrain and can sorta see where you just hiked from. Then you become pretty proud of yourself.

We got some great trail magic today. A girl, Overkill, who had hiked a small section brought us into Suches where we purchased some severely overpriced necessities, like dog food, wet wipes, A SPRITE, and food. This happened as Caveman took CamDog on ahead. Little did I realize I'd have to carry 4lbs of CamDog's food up one of the steepest mountains yet. Oy!

So, after about an 8 mile day today we rolled up to Lance Creek where they were full. Not a flat spot left. So, Reverie, CamDog, Cave Man, and myself forged on an extra mile.  We set up camp at a spot off the trail the does not appear to have been camped in for years. We had to clear a spot for two tents and are far away from everyone else for the first time. It's kinda nice aside from the lack of a privy for the morning time. We are actually on the border of the national forest. So close that we are about 150 yards away from some gorgeous mountain homes tucked in a mountain cove. We took a little walk. They were all very friendly and offered some easy water access via hose. 

We might have gone on to the next shelter had there not been an ongoing mandatory bear canister rule. That's also why Lance Creek was so full. It's a 6 mile stretch that you cannot camp in without the expensive canister. So, we hung one hell of a bear line so that no unwanted guest shows up and eats out food and scares the shit out of us.

On the whole, everything's feeling pretty good. Packs are heavy, shoulders hurt, yet feet somehow only very mildly blistered. Filming is going well. Lots of nice people.

Real quick, it rained yesterday. Fortunately, the camera got put up and the pack covers gaiters put on in time. It was pretty brutal for about an hour. It was really cold. We found a little half cave to hold up in until it was over. Put on some dry clothes and prayed it wouldn't rain while setting up at the next shelter site. Thank god, it didn't. 

Tomorrow is Blood Mountain. 4200 feet. BIG climb. But then to town. Neels Gap where we'll be getting some more delicious dehydrated meals.

We miss everyone and can't wait to tell you more!

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  1. It's so exciting to be able to follow you guys as you go! Dunno if you're taking requests, but you should post some pictures soon, plz :)